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Jamaica College Statement On Ruel Reid Matter

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Jamaica College Statement On Ruel Reid Matter

  The Board of Jamaica College has issued the promised statement in relation to the Ruel Reid leave matter.    Mr. Reid, who is facing fraud charges, still holds the post of principal at the school.   Mr. Reid‘s special leave from JC expires on Saturday.   Radio Jamaica News had earlier been informed that the parties in the matter are close to reaching a settlement.   Jamaica College board statement reads:   1. Over the past few days, the Board of Management of Jamaica College has been working to conclude arrangements for dealing with the active role of principal of Jamaica College, having regard to the fact that the current special leave of Mr. Ruel Reid expires on Saturday November 20, 2021.   2. The discussions are at an advanced stage and, as would be expected, are of a confidential nature. The Board fully expects them to be successfully concluded shortly at which time a further update will be given.   3. To clarify several misconceptions and misunderstandings in the public domain please note further that:-     a. The priority of the Board is to maintain the current stability and status quo at the school and the Board therefore, once again, recommended that the special leave of Mr. Reid be extended to facilitate the continued proper governance of the school. This however required the approval of the Ministry of Education, and such approval was not granted.       b. Since 2016 when he ceased active duty as principal of Jamaica College, the school has paid no salary or other emoluments to Mr. Reid.       c. JC is aware of the fact that criminal charges have been laid against Mr. Reid but has no evidence that can support a disciplinary hearing which could lead to his termination. This despite assiduous attempts to secure such evidence.       d. There is no “upheaval” or “protest” at Jamaica College and there have been no resignations at the Board in relation to this matter. We can confirm that two executive members of the Jamaica College Old Boys Association, who are also executives of the PTA, have resigned from both bodies. There have been no “mass” resignations as reported.

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